We want to treat the planet and the people we work with respectfully.


In the process of running a responsible, fair, and durable company the relationship with our suppliers is at the very core of our business. We see our suppliers as long-term partners and collaborators. Their technical knowledge, craftsmanship and professional pride are key elements in our production.


Since the beginning in 2006, we have been working with the same manufacturer. The factory is owned by a Hong Kong Chinese family and is in the Southern part of China. Through the years we have developed a strong and balanced relationship with the factory and the people who work there. A relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Our code of conduct, signed by both parties, specifies the conditions for the factory workers and certifies their legal rights as well as their health and safety.


We only work with three types of yarn: an OEKO-TEX® certified and non-mulesed merino wool, an OEKO-TEX® certified lambswool and a GOTS certified organic cotton yarn. As we built our business on long term relationships and high-quality products, we do not change supplier and materials every season. Working only with one supplier and three types of yarn, we can explore the fiber’s properties and many different possibilities by changing only the stitch, ply, and tension. We know the factory, the machines, and the worker’s skills very well, which helps us to avoid mistakes and reduce waste during product development.


Working with a limited number of yarns also reduces waste, as left-over yarns can be used for the next season meaning that we have no deadstock at all.


All raw materials and the dying method are certified which guarantees that all FUB garments are free from harmful chemicals and have been produced under healthy, responsible, and safe conditions.