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FUB is crafted with extra care for people and for the environment.

Wool in general
Wool is a natural material with many unique characteristics. Wool is self-cleaning and resistant to dirt and doesn’t need washing as often as cotton. It keeps you warm and at the same time it draws sweat away from the skin and retains the moisture, so the clothing and your skin still feel dry to the touch. We recommend wearing wool all year round.

Merino wool
Merino wool comes from the merino sheep, that lives in Australia, New Zealand and South America. This natural fibre is extra thin and strong and makes this type of wool very suitable for fine knit styles. The merino wool is extremely soft, non-itchy and with all the good characteristics of wool. Our merino yarn is treated with an ecofriendly technology that makes the wool suitable for machine wash. This treatment is made without the use of chlorine and other halogens. Our merinowool is mulesing free, OEKOTEX-, Bluesign certified.

Lambswool is a type of wool that comes from the lamb’s first shearing. The young sheep have a very fine and downy wool. Lambswool is softer and more flexible than wool from an older sheep and it is in general warmer than merino wool. The fibers are slightly rougher to the touch and very suitable for sweaters and chunky styles. Lambswool has all the good characteristics of wool. The lambswool we use is OEKOTEX certified.

Organic cotton
Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and genetic modification. The organic cotton that we use is GOTS certified, which means that the production of our cotton styles is both environmentally and socially responsible.